Sign or Omen?

I found this shrub starting to bloom in my garden yesterday. I think its a spirea. Good grief, it didn't even lose all its leaves in the fall.

While I am thrilled by signs of a coming spring, at the same time I am worried by what blossoms in January indicate vis a vis global climate change. Is the Wet Coast going to become the new tropics?


  1. I always see this kind of thing as a testament to the persistence of Nature. We have been suffering a week of temps in the teens - extreme for Georgia - but the week before Christmas my loony confederate jasmine that climbs the mailbox was putting out yellow buds and blooming.

  2. Anonymous10:54 AM

    There are early signs of spring here (UK) too, despite the snow and sub-zero temperatures. Too early! Thank you for coming to visit my blog today, and for your lovely comment.

  3. We are also facing similar experiences here in Australia. Much hotter days earlier than usual.


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