I Can't Help It, I Live on the West Coast

The bulbs I planted last fall are starting to poke out their noses.

In Canada, it is traditional for us smug Lotus Land-ers to show off the signs of spring in their garden to our fellow Canadians shivering anywhere east of the Rockies.

Go ahead. Hate us. We can take it.

(Oh, and by the way, my crazy three blog scheme may have a major flaw. Nobody knows I'm there. I guess I need buttons or something to take my dear readers from one to another. Will links do? Quilt or Life. Take your pick.)


  1. Mmhmm... a link... well... if you don't mind I reduce clutter by not adding more blogs to my blogroll. ;)
    So I'll just stick with what I get here and be happy with that. :)

    (Plants? Now? We have SNOW! And I hate it if it lasts more than three days per year.)


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