First Egg

I trudged out to the chicken coop this morning, ready to clean it as I do daily. What a total surprise to find this tiny perfect egg waiting in the nest, next to the golf ball that had been sitting there for a month (supposed to give the hens ideas).

I don't know which hen was the prodigal layer, but they all got a nice plate of porridge and berries to celebrate.

Unfortunately this welcome arrival was counterbalanced by the sad, bedraggled appearance of the one hen the others gang up on. Everyone says she's got to go to the stew pot. This is the one aspect of caring for animals that I've always found so difficult - the death factor. I don't have the same kind of emotional bond with the chickens that I have had with my pets, but that doesn't seem to make the thought of one of them dying, let alone at my hands, any easier.


  1. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Such a beautiful dark brown egg (brown ones always taste better too!!) certainly deserves such a lovely plate. It is so exciting to get the first egg, may they have many more. It is hard to watch the pecking order in action, and removing the victim may not make any difference as another may take its place, and possibly with a bit more time they might just settle down...that is what happened with my chooks.

  2. I'm not a japanese robot, but that is truly a beautiful single celled organism. Congrats on the first egg!
    And thanks for the pic of MacDuff being serenaded.

  3. Very pretty photo. Love the combination of the simple , homely egg and the ornate china. Yet who can say which one is the true treasure?

  4. I empathize with your feelings about the demise of any living thing. It does affect us.

    Hope you are doing okay. I read your comment on jude's blog.

    Your photos are beautiful.


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