Eating Local

My breakfast the other day was just so beautiful I had to take a picture. French toast and a selection of tomato jam, salmonberry and red currant jelly, blackberry jelly and greengage jam. All from no farther than the back yard. (Well, I guess the flour came from Saskatchewan. Forgive me.)

We had a Fall Fair on the island last weekend. One of the categories was "Homestead Display". (I didn't enter, having spent all my energy hanging quilts the day before. And as it turned out, I wasn't even close to this league.) It was so inspiring to see the displays.

Karl not only had bigger parsnips than mine, his display included some of the maple syrup he made from the big leaf maples on the island, and home smoked salmon. Karl even grows wheat!

This display was a true cornucopia of produce. The quilt in the background was made in the early '80's by the Lasqueti Quilters. Each square features a local wildflower, each rendered in a different technique.

This beautiful display includes superb blackberry wine and gorgeous grapes.

The fair was a true celebration and a thanksgiving for the abundant blessings of this place.


  1. Heather,
    I believe you are living in Paradise!


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