And in Other News on the Homestead...

It was a day of abundance on Spring Bay Road, as Heather got up early and and joined a slew of Lasquetians down at the dock. The reason for this uncharacteristic perkiness in the morning? A dozen pink salmon, with her name on them. Fresh caught, $5.00 each. A local fisherman was donating his catch to the Last Resort Society as a fundraiser - it only took 15 minutes for all 300 salmon to be spoken for and packed away in coolers, plastic totes and grocery bags. It was quite the parade up and down the steep hill to the dock. (Pictures at 11)

What does one do with 50 pounds of fresh, almost flipping fish? A friend down the road is smoking a couple for us, and the rest are in the freezer. I had to clean them myself, which is why there are no pictures - (the yuck factor, you know.)

I now expect to be deluged with requests to visit from friends who suddenly have an open weekend in their fall schedules. Salmon in the freezer and work in the garden almost done, a fire in the woodstove... . sounds good.


  1. definitely sounds good.

  2. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Lordy lordy, either you are a very small person or that is the mother of all parsnips.


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