The Cuckoo Marans Have Arrived!

Five weeks old and goofy as all get out.

I finally have a down day after 2 weeks of visitors, so I'm just going to enjoy the little peeps and wash my dishes, and maybe treat myself to a hot shower.


  1. Enjoy them!! Chickens are much more fun to watch than TV!

  2. Anonymous2:15 PM

    I had not heard of this breed of chooks, but just checked them out - what good looking birds, and I like the sound of big brown eggs! I plan to get some more when Spring comes, but not sure what type to get. I have had Light Sussex and Gold Campines, but my favourite and most friendly chicken was just a red cross breed of some sort, nothing special - but sadly, she was the one taken by a fox a couple of weeks ago...

  3. i see dots.....


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