A Change in the Weather

Finally, after weeks and weeks of sun, we have been blessed with several days of rain. The parched garden is drinking it up.

This one's for Jude. This volunteer artichoke came up in the middle of the lawn, and has been struggling. With the rain, it blossomed. (Jude has some lovely thistle pictures on a recent post. Even if you're not interested in thistles, visit her. She's brilliant.)

And speaking of brilliant, Leigh van der Schyff, an artist whose work is so evocative of African textures, patterns and rhythms, sent me this swirl of cloth scraps. She is a new person in my life, and I am so happy to be part of her family. Visit her online gallery, her work is extraordinary.

My wonderfully talented brother Dave carved these garden sentinels for me. They were originally created about 10 years ago for a gate in the Kootenays, and have travelled with me to several homes. I think they like it here.

Since it has been clouded over at night I haven't seen the meteor showers, but did catch this gorgeous sunset last night (absolutely no Photoshopping!)


  1. you seem to be living in a jungle of delights!


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