We May Not Have Television, But Look at What We DO Have!

This young pileated woodpecker has been hanging around the back yard. He keeps up a steady tap tap tap in his search for dinner. Or maybe he wants to join in the fun these humans are having inside.

We are very fortunate to have a 1200 sq.ft. studio attached to our house. It was originally built for a painter who did large mural size commissions for hotel lobbies and such. I haven't felt comfortable yet using it for my art - after all, much of my work is done sitting in a chain, quietly sewing.

But every second person on the island is a musician, and we have been putting "The Green Room" to good use by hosting Sunday afternoon jams.

These guys range from professional musicians to passionate amateurs, and they all seem to enjoy getting together to play. There are quite a few jam groups on the island, ranging from country/folk to jazz to zydeco.

We certainly aren't suffering from lack of entertainment!

I am planning, however, to make sure everyone who drops in for an afternoon leaves with at least one zucchini. To my great chagrin, I planted 5 zucchini seeds and they have been mocking me for it ever since.