Outhouse to Chicken Coop in One Easy Move

Having a large group of musicians over to practise can create more than a toe-tapping tune. We enlisted all that extra muscle power to help us transport a vintage outhouse to its new life as a chicken coop.

The thing weighed a ton. But it was fairly easy to tip it onto the back of the truck, and then just needed to be steadied as we moved it over to the orchard. Needless to say, no one much relished the thought of having to catch it if it fell.

The guy in the blue and red flowered shirt is Merrick, our Regional Director (sort of like an alderman). He seems to be doing most of the work - maybe he can use one of these shots in his next campaign! "Always ready to help out a constituent..."

It was a tight squeeze getting over the culvert and through the opening in the fence, but my brother Rob managed it like a pro. I guess parking in Vancouver is a transferable skill!

Now we just have to insulate the structure and add some roosts and nesting boxes, spruce up the paint job and we'll be ready to welcome the girls. We are getting six Cuckoo Marans, a heritage breed that lay delicious brown eggs.


  1. Just wanted to jump over and thank you for visiting me via Jude. I always enjoy this blog and truly relish an opportunity to absorbthe insightful and inciting elements of your life that you choose to share with us!

  2. Hi!
    What gorgeous looking chooks you have! I love them and they look very similar to the Dark Barred Plymouth Rock chickens I have- (also a heritage breed). Your blog makes for very interesting reading!


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