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You might notice that some of my links have changed or been deleted. Although it works for me, I have a (probably) awkward way of checking my favourite blogs - I go to my own page and then just click on the links I have pasted in. I know there are all kinds of other sleek and streamlined ways of keeping up with other people's postings, but I have too much information in my head right now to figure out an RSS feed.

I have deleted ones I found I just wasn't reading anymore. The changes reflect how my own interests have become more focussed. (Or contrary, depending on your point of view.) I notice that I have become adverse to the indiscriminate use of the word "sweet" to describe just about anything. Bye bye Craft and Whip Up. I'll still drop by occasionally, but you're no longer on my A list.

I also cut No Impact Man, which used to be one of my favourites. Don't quite know why I found myself avoiding him - but I did leave a comment once that asked how he could be so relentlessly upbeat when the world was going to hell in a handbasket. I guess I like a wee bit of despair now and then.

I have added a couple of links to people who have done me the honour of commenting and who do some lovely work.

And lovely work is where it's at for me these days. I find myself increasingly frustrated with the products of the DIY movement. Yes, I'm all for learning to do things oneself (in fact, I think it's fundamental to existence) but I am tired of simplistic, poorly conceived projects that will fall apart or cease to give pleasure in a short time. The words of my high school sewing teacher ring in my head, "You must press it bee-yoo-ti-fully, dahling!" She was, of course, referring to ironing, but I took the concept to heart - if you are going to do something, do it with full attention, skill, and love.

I am re-reading Mary Thomas's Embroidery Book right now. (Available from Dover, a re-publication of a 1930's gem.) She is better known for her knitting book, but the one on embroidery is jam-packed with techniques and charmingly stated directives such as:
"Good materials inspire good work, and if these are really "embroidered" and not just covered with thoughtless stitchery, the result is one of lasting joy and satisfaction."


  1. Anonymous12:49 PM

    i have to agree about no impact man - i am still readng but feel the same. i have also culled lots of blogs i used to read - not enought time. still read yours though i rarely comment.

  2. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Ms. After spending the last two eyars in the company of your thoughts I have been forced by your poignant and discriminant eye to perfect my own craft, and you have honored me with the finest of possible materials with which to work: your attention and trust. Now that I know more fully for myself, through your example, the beauty and grace that comes with smooth flawless creative works I will use the peace and solitude of the country to make and do justice to your words and ideals
    from one warrior of stoke to another, with lerve
    Wee G

  3. i am thinking the same way and i also prefer to read from links on my blog. the readers just encourage me to add too much content and i am just overwhelmed with the size one's world can grow to these days. i too have had it with the DIY and craft sweets. my blog is due for an overhaul....probably as an end of the year celebration. thanks for the focus.

  4. Heather, you definitly have a great follower in the 2nd comment box... and how charming, I'm jealous LOL. I appreaciate you remaining a reader, and being spared by the bell of deletion... I've still got my list of blogs but have downsized the ones worthy of comments, Life is better already.
    Like you, I'm going to focus on embroidery more than I have been. I don't have Mary Thomas' book but understand that it's one of the best ones and if it's stood true for this long, it has to be a keeper (or getter in my case).
    Hope your week is an enjoyable one... good thoughts your way...

  5. Anonymous11:47 AM

    I'm with you, Heather . . . the icky-sweet-cute-easy-fast craftiness is too much . . .just say no! And say yes to the thoughtful and beautiful. Fads will pass but art, true craft and artisanship will prevail.


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