Things to Make and Mend

A quick little book review.

I picked this up off the deeply discounted shelf in Chapters. Initially attracted by the cover (of course), I flipped through a bit to discover the protagonist was a capital N Needlewoman. That clinched the deal for me.

Ruth Thomas doesn't disappoint. The story is full not only of textile references but the actual act of stitching is integral to the plot. It's a tale of two childhood friends who suffer deep hurt and misunderstanding but find each other again many years later. Sally, the Needlewoman, thinks that is what she became because
"There is nothing more tangible than threads sewn through cloth. She is happiest with something that is stitched down, not given the chance to slip or unravel or change."

It's a sweet story, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves to stitch.


  1. i will take the recommendation... an i see that you are back, and after the last post i see why you have been away....

  2. Hi there Heather! I'll make a note of the read as well... Love getting reviews like this, esp. about novels relating to sewing...Thanks


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