Lingering on Lasqueti

Other than a childhood dream of being a lighthouse keeper, I've never had much of a chance to explore maritime life. Now I find myself falling in love with the rugged, timeless rocks, driftwood and even boat moorings.

Keiko and I have been blissing out in the late summer sun.

The beaches on Lasqueti are endlessly fascinating. The rock formations are very organic, resembling the work of Henry Moore on acid. They offer lots of opportunities for play.

Pebbles are embedded in sand, which over the years becomes stone. Waves and tides create erosion, and eventually loosen and release the pebbles.

The colours of a tidal pool are echoed in the garden.

This little tree frog paid a visit.

This giant, gnarled old maple shares the same water we drink. Our well is at it's foot.

Two sunsets. Every evening a spectacular canvas unfolds. (Completely un-Photoshopped!)


  1. are you going to be showing us paradise in wintertime?

  2. Are you settling there permanently? It is so natural and beautiful -- I wish I could live there, too.

  3. Anonymous8:27 PM

    lovely images!

  4. Anonymous12:31 AM

    The islands of the Pacific North West are truly amazing. I come back to them every summer. I can't imagine an August without a couple of weeks on Gabriola, Savary, and Vancouver Island. It's the best way I know to put the rest of my life into proper perspective. "What was that thing I was stressing out about?", I wonder later. I never do remember. I return to my work life refreshed and enthusiastic.
    Your images are beautiful and manage to show well the powerful spell that nature holds over everybody here. I look forward to seeing/hearing more of Lasqueti. Jean-Pierre

  5. Isnt' God the most amazing artist?
    Wonderful blog. I visit often.


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