What To Do With All Those Kimonos?

I returned from my trip to Japan in March with way too many old kimonos. Not that I consider it a problem in any way, but my studio shelves are now bulging with silk and wool loveliness. I thought I might destash a bit, and had fun putting together assortments in different colourways. I will be offering them for sale on my Etsy shop.

Here's the first two bundles: (more to come)

An array of subtle golds and taupes, spiked with an eggplant stripe.

Some sophisticated pastels - two of the silk brocades have a metallic thread in them for a bit of sparkle.

The fabrics are all about 15" wide and at least 1 yard in length. I took apart all the kimonos by hand (an education in itself!) and washed and pressed the fabrics. The silks and wools are at least medium weight - mostly from winter kimono - suitable for patchwork, toys, bags and other small projects.


  1. How lovely, but is there such a thing as too much fabric?? ;-)

    Maybe I shouldn't be encouraging you but check out www.ichiroya.com!


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