My New Baby

Last Friday, Ian and I went to pick up our new baby from the Vancouver Animal Shelter. Her name is Keiko, she is about one year old, and appears to be a Lab/ Golden Retriever/ maybe Border Collie cross.

So sweet and gentle, she is a total love pig. She was brought in off the Musqueum Reserve by two kids, so who knows what her back story is. She is quite sensitive and insecure, so we have our work cut out for us as far as training goes, but so far she has been a delightful companion.


  1. I'm not sure how I found your blog -- probably from another link, and I like to look at your projects.

    But I just did a double take over your dog: we had a fabulous lab/cocker mix dog (from the pound) for almost 15 years, and she was a divine member of the family. And she looked just like your dog -- so hopefully you're in luck with the same type of personality or so. Our dog was bigger quite a bit bigger than a cocker (it's that nice head) but strong as a lab (she could take me down the street) but just a sweet sweet dog. Everybody loved her! Congrats!

  2. What a beautiful dog. Enjoy!

  3. Heather -- thanks for stopping by my blog.

    My husband was totally spooked by the dog photo -- I'll have to see if I can dig an old one up of our dog and send it to you. Black dogs are VERY difficult to photograph. We let her hair go a little longish in the winter, but in the summer cut her quiet short -- then she looked more like a lab. Anyway, enjoy -- our dog was happy and chipper and cheerful until the end of her life!

  4. oh, rescued animals are the absolute best. so appreciative and loyal once they're comfortable that they've landed in a safe, secure, loving place. we named our first rescued kitty pipp (with an extra "p" for good measure) after the character in great expectations whose fortune changed forever when . . . those gorgeous brown eyes will soon go from saddish, skeptical resignation to vibrant vitality and love.


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