American Southwest - Part 3

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico is a little island of a town in the middle of nowhere. My friend Wendy, who I was there to visit, calls it Dodge City. She moved there from New York, and I would say that the two places are equal and opposite in terms of their extremity. But T or C certainly has its charms, and we enjoyed our visit tremendously.

T or C used to be called Hotsprings, because of the geothermal springs close to the surface of the town. We stayed at both Riverbend (very funky and pictured above) and La Paloma Hotsprings (recommended) and enjoyed many soaks in the relaxing hot mineral waters. There are lots of artists and creative types that have relocated to T or C from big cities, so there is a small but cosmopolitan community developing. Lots of galleries and cool shops such as Moon Goddess and Dust and Glitter.

Wendy and her partner Mikey (that's him on top of one of the domes, ready for the stucco coat) have been building a solar powered B&B out of reused materials and papercrete. You can find out a whole lot more through their blog Green Acre/Holy Scrap. These are two of the most dynamic and resourceful people I have ever met, and they are totally inspiring. Mikey says his motivation is that he never wants to work in a cubicle again, but I suspect his genius brain and inventive spirit have a lot to do with it too. He and Wendy make a great team, and have done practically all the work themselves, figuring it out as they go.

Wendy, as I have mentioned before, is the creator of Swap-O-Rama-Rama, and I have become one of her partners in producing SORR's at Maker Faire and helping others get started around the country. She is studying to be a Sufi teacher, and I was lucky enough to take one of her yoga classes while I was there. I love you, Wendy!

Ian thoroughly enjoyed himself, getting into the spirit with his new hat. He also got as close to Sensitive New Age Guy (SNAG) territory as he ever has in his life, taking part in a full moon drum circle at Brett's beautiful farm.

Coming from the lush, wet Pacific Northwest, I wasn't sure how I would react to the dry, dusty climate. But it was marvelous and beautiful. I particularly loved the cacti, and took tons of photos of the prickly beings.

We took the southern route back to Vegas, through Arizona, skirting through California on the 95 north. More gorgeous cacti and lonely outposts - a great trip!