Another 50 years and the Queen will be sending me cards!

September 15 is my birthday and with the broken neck/back thing highlighting the usual discussion about creeping decrepitude I hestatate to go down that obvious path. But if getting elderly is anything like wearing a full body brace there seem to be few benefits.
Usually I mark my birthday with a ceremonial reading of John Water's 101 Things I Hate and 101 Things I Love, which usually puts me into a suitably feisty mood, and then I tidy the house to clear the way for good feng shui vibes for the coming year. This year I am sorely tempted to put a hex on my next door neighbour, who gave me a nasty look after my dog peed on my own lawn. Friendly neighbour then got out her hose and went to great pains to wash her driveway of any molecules of canine pee that may have crossed the property line.
Ahh, even with a body brace and no front tooth, my life is more fun and glamourous than hers. No hex needed.


  1. I hope you have a good birthday despite the body brace!

  2. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Not nearly as grand as a card from the Queen, but here are my belated best wishes for your next 50 years. (And may they be a bit less dramatic than the last few weeks!)


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