Swap-o-rama-rama at Maker Faire: Part 2

This post should be subtitled "Our Staff Rocks Big Time". Here's some pictures of our wonderful volunteers, who gave so generously of their time and talent.
The silkscreen crew had lineups across the room. I loved the way they got the participants involved in making a print - print making can be a kind of tech heavy activity, but Charity, Trinity, Ezra, Ben, Slim and Txutxo made it seem straightforward.

Txutxo - I soooo regret not getting one of his "No person is illegal" prints - I really wanted one, but was buzzing around in ADHD mode, and the day was over too soon.

Ben Black Label in action.

Charity Romero, of Remade in America.

Across the room, Domini, one of the sewer/designers was having a lot of fun.

Emiko and Shana of Rewarestyle had a super popular station, making jewelery from discarded toy parts.

Gretchen Elsner showed people how to wire their clothing for sound, light and motion! (And Gretchen travelled by train and bicycle all the way from Vancouver to San Mateo to be at the event.)

Anastazia of Bad Unkl Sista sews up a storm.

Back at the silkscreen station, Trinity Cross of Patchwerk Press and Field Day Fashions helps one of the participants through the process.

Ashley Foster, the Fiber Queen, transforms scraps into a cool bag.

I had to jump in and make a print.

I loved so many things about the Swap, but the best part was having the opportunity to meet and work with these amazing people. Big hugs to you all! (And I'm kicking myself for not getting everyone's picture. Sorry if I missed you - but there's still pictures coming in, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.)

And last but not least, for schwacks of terrific pictures of all that went on at Maker Faire, check out Laughing Squid's Flickr site, and for more wonderful shots of the fashion show, see Luiza Leite's page.


  1. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Wow! Sounds and looks like it was a great event! Just reading about it is inspiring. I've got to make a date with some old t-shirts and my Print Gocco machine soon! I love that treehouse guy's t-shirt!


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