Love Apple/Rising Sun

This is my entry for the Whiplash minature quilt contest. It measures about 21"x24", and is made entirely of scraps of vintage Japanese cloth. It is based on an antique Canadian quilt with a pattern called "Love Apples" which is an old term for tomatoes. As I embroidered the edges of the red circles, they reminded me of the rising sun on the Japanese flag, hence the name of this piece.



  1. Anonymous11:51 PM

    I hope Love Apple wins the competition. It is a very beautiful quilt. I never would have guessed that all the disparate scraps I sent over the years would come together and make such a complete whole.


  2. Totally authentic Japanese look, and so lovely with the embroidery - reminiscient of sashiko. Great quilt and so unique. It's wonderful to see so many different styles of mini quilts.

  3. it's really lovely.


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