Saturday, February 25, 2017

Monday, February 13, 2017

Distorted Realities

Virginia Woolf's Tea Towel, 2016. 16"(w) x 24"(l) Hand embroidery on vintage linen.
Here's a little piece from last month. The Gabriola Arts Council was holding its annual fund raising gala, with the theme "Tempest In a Teacup". Artists are asked to donate a work incorporating the theme. I knew right away what I wanted to do, but getting there was a battle.

I had a vague recollection of a vintage tea towel in the stash that had tea cups embroidered on it. Following my usual strategy, I thought I would just embroider some pithy saying on it and voila! I found the Virginia Woolf quote quickly enough, but could I find that damn tea towel?

My stash is highly unorganised, to say the least. I burrowed through totes in the crawlspace, emptied trunks, upended my cedar chest, even checked the random plastic bags in odd corners. Finally, after days of searching, I found the piece I was looking for.

Only it wasn't what I remembered. It was more of a serviette than a towel, on thin cotton, and sloppily made. No way it would work.

So I found a plain linen tea towel that I had used last summer while making blackberry jam. Of course there were a number of purple stains on it, but after several soaks with lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide I managed to remove the worst of it. 

I redrew a vintage iron on embroidery transfer featuring teacups and traced it onto the cloth. The embroidery was a breeze, reminding me of how effective a few lazy daisy stitches and french knots can be. At last, my canvas was ready!

Embroidering the quote went fairly smoothly, after I realised the letters were too small on my first attempt. I picked out the threads, redrew it, and finished stitching during a slow shift at work.

A lot of effort for something that is basically a one-liner! I didn't attend the gala, but heard that there was a mad bidding war for the piece and it ended up going for $185!

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Pussyhat Brigade

This is from last month, but the pussyhat knitting has been continuing apace. A few days before the Women's March on the 21st, James and I made a pop up photo booth at his studio, and put out a call on Facebook for Gabriolans to come on down and have their picture taken wearing a hat. It was very last minute, but twenty intrepid souls made their way over and we had a blast.

Who guessed that 100,000 pussyhats would show up in women's marches around the world? (That's the estimated number of hats, of course there were many more marchers.) Every single hat made by hand, with intention and care. Woe to the Trumpstiltskin lawyer who asked if they were made in China.

I made six hats before the march - one even went to Washington, DC. I have made several more since, and currently have orders for another four. At first I was just using yarn from the stash, but now I ask people to supply the yarn. Other than that, I am not asking for any compensation, financial or otherwise for the hats. They are my contribution to the resistance.

I was even commissioned by the Gabriola Institute for Contemporary Art to make a tiny hat for the hood ornament of its Mobile Response Unit. Yes, we have some serious fun here!