Friday, July 28, 2006

Is this the beginning of a great adventure?

I heard yesterday that I've been accepted into a government funded self employment program, which I think is good news. I don't want to become an evil capitalist but there are some enticing possibilities in having my own business. I've been doing another program through EI which was designed to help us figure out what we really want to do in life and after 3 weeks of somewhat dubious new age-y quizzes and self-assessment tests I came up with:
"I want to use fabric to foster appreciation and understanding of other cultures."
Hmmm, what exactly might that entail?
That's the adventure!

While I'm figuring that out, here's a new bag, made from a heavy silk kimono fabric, lined with a cotton print, with zippered pocket and magnetic closure. I'm quite happy with it, but if I was to do another one I would use cord in the handles instead of batting, they're a bit soft for my taste.

Thanks to all the people that sent me such generous comments on the Monk's Bag. I will be posting a lot more regularly so I hope you stick around.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stylin' Monk's Bag

I have been collecting old silk sarees and salwar paneez suits from the local thrift stores for a while now. The more colourful and sparkly the better! I am amazed by the workmanship and the sheer glamour of the cloth. Some of the pieces are so heavy with beading that I can't imagine them being possible to wear.

Anyway, I have been planing to recycle them into skirts and bags, but until now have been too chicken to cut into the fabric. But the Whiplash challenge came along at just the right time, and inspired me to make this bag. It's cut out of a turquoise silk saree suit, and lined with orange and yellow striped cotton. it has an inner pocket and a magnetic closure.

This would go in the Fancy category I think!