Busy and Boring

Those are my excuses for not posting much lately. Time is flying at warp speed, worthy items of note are few. But just so I can keep calling myself a blogger, here goes.

Le chemin vers la paix is what I am calling this piece for now. I have finished Cartier's preposterous headgear and am working my way down his body. I want to be finished before the end of the year.
A picture of me on the ferry taken by James Emler. We have been going across to take part in a seminar on Contemporary Art put on by the Nanaimo Art Gallery (where, incidentally, I will be part of a group show in January.)
To fill spare moments at my part-time job, I bring old wool clothes to take apart to use for rug hooking. The hand-stitched interfacings on this vintage Scottish jacket were so beautifully done they needed documenting.
Daylight has been in short supply but this morning a few rays broke through, illuminating the oddest corners of the dome.
I notice my windows need cleaning. Someday.
More cobwebs. The dome is full of spiders, and I feel guilty about destroying their hard work.


  1. thanks for blogging Heather - I enjoy seeing what you are up to and the descriptions you verbalize - like preposterous head gear and the sunlight in the corners. happy christmas x

  2. A lovely photo of you, Heather! I know what you mean about the rare sunshine lighting up....the dirt. When I can't see it, it doesn't bother me as much!

  3. always good to see your wonderful work & what a good portrait of you, look forward to seeing pictures from the exhibition in January 2017!

  4. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Great photo James! Jean-Pierre


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