Do a Little Dance, Hook a Little Rug, Get Down Tonight!

"Relax and Put Your Feet Up" (2016) Hand hooked upcycled wool, wood footstool. Photo by James Emler
I will spare you the apologies for my long absence. Everything is fine, Gracie is steadily recovering, and I'm ridiculously busy, as usual. (There is always the possibility that I'm just plain ridiculous, I supppose.)

One of my side projects has been the above duo of carpet slippers and footstool, all the better to "Relax and Put Your Feet Up" with. I made the slippers first out of wool orts or "worms", the little bits left over from other projects. Then, as our rug-hooking group had a show coming up at the Hive, I began to fret over what else I could make in a short time. I found the little footstool at our local thrift store, and hooked upholstery to match the slippers. I find this very amusing. Hope you do too.


  1. Thanks for the ear worm!
    Inviting looking. :)

  2. kawaii desu, neh! (that avoids the c--- word) happy to hear Gracie is healing.

  3. love your wry sense of humour!


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