Out of the Woods

So dear Gracie is out of the woods. She actually came upstairs to lie on my bed this morning! Now, getting back down those stairs was another issue altogether, but she is making steady progress. The vet still couldn't say for sure what caused the paralysis, but he was leaning towards a spinal embolism. She should recover completely we hope. Thanks for all your kind words and good wishes.
Two more marine critters are finished: the seal and a grey porpoise. Just the sea lion to go, and the rest of the rhumblines, and I can unveil the whole crazy thing.

P.S. I see some Russian android has been using Pinterest to visit this blog hundreds of times in the last couple of weeks. Wonder if anyone else has noticed this. Is it dangerous, do you think?


  1. This is such good news about Gracie. Your stitching continues to be so beautiful.

  2. Glad to hear about Gracie Girl!

    I love coming to your blog for some continuity and calm, watching your progress.

    As for the pinhercrap stuff, well, maybe you're just getting pinned a lot...........

  3. Glad Gracie is in recovery. Can't wait to see the whole stitched piece looks like!

  4. your stitched linework is superb

  5. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Great news! More power to Gracie and your stitching.

  6. good to hear Gracie is on the mend. Fabulous fishies!

  7. Good old Gracie. X


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