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 Okay, the census job is finished, the convergence of guests has dispersed, and the moving of boxes and re-arranging of furniture is almost done. I am looking forward to breathing again. And stitching. The poor marine mammals have been in the hoop for so long I had to spread the cloth out to see where I'm at. The great whale is nearly complete, then just a sea lion, a porpoise and a seal to go. And the windrose or navigational lines.
It is nice to sit out on the deck and stitch. Jasmine, heliotrope and sweet alyssum wafts in the breeze, and hummingbirds dart and hover.


  1. your sense of line & stitch is brilliant

  2. !!! Looking great as always

  3. ah, summer on the Gulf Islands!

  4. I love the sound of your stitching deck, don't let those heady scents send you off to sleep with needle in hand!


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