By The Sea, By The Sea

First off, maybe you can help me decide which of these three shots is the best. They are of a beautiful cast paper bowl made in 1998 by Canadian artist Janet Moore, with wasp paper and bone insertions and a whale vertebra base.

The sun was setting as I took these photos. Just as I was leaving I caught this shot of a fisherman on his way home.
And slow but sure progress is being made on the whale.


  1. all three photos do justice to the work, how's that for a non committal comment that is no help whatsoever, love the whale spume

  2. Anonymous8:31 AM

    I like #2. The unique rock texture is clear and I like the glare of the sun. Beautiful bowl. Beautiful whale. Beautiful Gabriola. Jean-Pierre

  3. one small stitch1:36 PM

    if it is the bowl you are featuring I like the first one best. Great sunset picture. Our on again, off again weather has made for some beautiful sunsets.

  4. First or second if you are intent on using the beach as a background. Personally I think it fights too much with the bowl and would preference a plain studio background .Gosh it is an amazing piece though .

  5. Lovely photos, and I like #3. :)


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