Time is the Most Valuable Commodity

I have been selling my time, as Kurt Vonnegut described having a job. I am working for the census, which has sucked up an enormous amount of energy and my precious time. I haven't had much time to stitch even, but I have completed the white porpoise, complete with unseemly breasts. I wonder if Louis Nicolas actually saw a real woman's breast, being a priest and all. His image is like a naughty school boy's, but I am pretty sure he was trying to be scientific.
Continuing in the realm of biology, hundreds of tiny golden spiders appeared on my jasmine the other day, rappelling up and down their silken threads. The next day they were gone, leaving a puff of gossamer web and the jasmine unharmed.
 I have started stitched the great whale - just working on the spout right now, and her Cleopatra eye.
So much is calling for my attention these days: work, dogs, garden, art. I have an unscheduled day off and was ready to fly out the door and down to Victoria to see the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry, which I only found out this morning is on tour across Canada! That didn't work out after all, but I will go on Saturday before the exhibition closes.

This too might make it into an embroidery:
"You are born alone. You die alone. The value of the space in between is trust and love." - Louise Bourgeois


  1. Louise Bourgeois is a genius about so many things -thanks for this quote.

  2. the whale's eye is beautiful and look forward to seeing the colours and cloth that you choose for these deeply direct words

  3. That whale is wonderful. And my apologies for only now catching up with your post/s; but for some reason, google hasn't let me onto my own blog for months, so I'm gorging on everyone else's. X


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