The map is coming along. I used a sepia Pigma Micron pen (five of them actually) to draw the lettering on the linen.Other than the cloth soaking up the ink much faster than expected, it went well. I am embroidering the rivers and land forms, as well as the big snake and the fish.

There is a lot of flooding happening along the Mississippi right now. It's interesting how my work with the map has made me much more aware of what's happening along the river.

And in regards to the previous post, I had a nice correspondence with Crystal Charlotte Easton about my issues with the petit points. Do check out her website to see her work, and her blog is also powerful and heartfelt.

**Update: Check out this very interesting review of The Revenant:


  1. your attention top detail is totally brilliant Heather!

  2. Anonymous12:02 PM

    this piece looks fascinating, a little different than the animal pieces (I love maps). Thanks for the link, interested in one of her workshops and it is close to home.


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