All It Needed Was a Little Space to Breathe

Okay, it's not the greatest picture. I had to use my flash since it is pouring rain this morning and the light is dim. But I am much happier with giving the map more room to breathe.

I had the frame kicking around for the last fifteen years. An ex made me eight of them for a show when he was in woodworking school. Six sold, one is still with me, and the glass broke in this one in a move. But I think it works perfectly! It protects the art but because there's no glass one can still see all the detail clearly.

And if any of you were wondering how I laced up the back, here's a picture.
Yes, it took a couple of hours to do, and I had to remove it all and do it again for the bigger frame. But it's worth it for the nice smooth, archival finish it gives to the work.


  1. wow, what a difference some space makes. Beautiful Heather!

    I have been lacing linen fabric around the matboard from old frames and then using these new linen mats as backgrounds for new embroideries - and the old frame fits - and I do not use the glass.

    Congratulations on your work.

  2. You are right, it does look better framed. The extra 'blank' fabric around it helps too.

  3. That is perfect!

  4. It is beautiful. Especially with no glass.


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