A Bit of a Potluck

Map shawl, woollen embroidery, Kashmir
Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Apparently, the Fabric of India show at the V&A Museum is incredible. Even the folks at Maiwa, who are used to being surrounded by fantastic cloth from the sub-continent, seemed impressed. Ah, such stuff as dreams are made on. I'll hardly be getting there anytime soon. Although, I hear there is a worthy volume that accompanies the exhibition. Santa, anyone?

I've spent the last several weeks on my own. It's been great. What is really unusual for me is how I am suddenly taking more of an interest in how the house looks. I've lived here for over a year without caring particularly about what's on the wall or whether the pillows match the chesterfield. Not that I have taken any action, mind you, I still have half an antler to go on the elk before I can start anything else. But I am thinking about fixing up the place a bit.

I once had an apartment that I had decorated as if Great-Aunt Margie lived there. I loved its "little old lady" charm. I think I might revisit that - get the chenille bedspread and lace curtains out of the cedar chest, start using the floral pillowcases again. Maybe even start drinking my tea out of proper teacups.

I've got a whole new take on life. And today our surprisingly impressive new prime minister announced a moratorium on oil tanker traffic on the North coast of B.C. I'm doing a happy dance in my living room!
seen on Tiggy's Rawlins's blog
And to top off the day, a little embroiderer's humour.