Five Weeks to Go

I just finished the right hand elk/moose critter on the Skin for Skin piece. It's going to be a race to see if I can get it done for the upcoming Thanksgiving Studio Tour. (The Arts Council has used one of my images on the cover of the tour brochure and posters. It's rather unnerving to see it everywhere, especially with a weird magenta colour. All the free publicity is one of the reasons I want to get this new piece finished in time.)
He was a joy to stitch. Hope his mirror image will be as much fun. I used a lighter brown for the shading in the antlers, as I had used quite a lot of it for the beaver and it would have seemed odd to just have a different shading in one place. This also frees me up to use lighter browns elsewhere in the piece.
I think I will pick out the shading on the beaver's front teeth though, and replace it with an even lighter shade. Wool tends to darken up when stitched because of the shadows cast by the texture. The beaver was one of the drawings that Louis Nicolas painted with watercolour. Although it has also been speculated by a scholar who examined the original document that a child may have coloured in some of the pages sometime in the book's 300+ year history.
detail from Plate 37 of the Codex Canadensis. Source: Gilcrease Museum
© Public Domain. Courtesy of the Gilcrease Museum of Tulsa, OK.


  1. love that dancing elk/moose and look forward to seeing the brightening of the beaver's grin... or is that a growl... do beavers growl?

  2. Just a thought on having your work ready in five weeks…it wouldn’t be so bad to show a work in progress, would it?
    Lovely stuff, thanks for sharing.

  3. I LOVE these creatures, and can tell it is fun to work on.

  4. Wish i could come visit! And getcher "official" website done, Sweetie! Looks enticing.

  5. a work in progress is sometimes of more valuable to the general public.


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