Still Here

Lots more has been done on this piece, but this is what I am currently seeing in the hoop. The elk/moose is a great critter to stitch, lots of different textures. Yesterday I put four hours in and completed most of the face, but that was a rare opportunity to concentrate for a good chunk of time. These days I am lucky to grab a few minutes here and there. You know what it's like!

Now I must run for my weekly volunteer stint at the Gabe Shop, our high end local thrift store. Yes, it is a little like letting the wolf in with the sheep. Oh well, at least they're not paying me!


  1. just scrolled back to the sketches & mock up for this piece back in June & gosh your stitching has brought it to life brilliantly Heather!

  2. what a delightfully demonic moose!

  3. oh my, I wouldn't want to run into him in the forest!


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