I'm Still Stitching, Really I Am!

Slow progress is being made on the new Codex Canadensis piece. The beaver was tricky to stitch as the Louis Nicolas drawing was shaded with a dark watercolour, making it hard to see the lines. I still have more to do in this section, but I'm going to work on another area for a bit, then come back to it.
For the first time, I am using a beautiful Belgian linen for the background. It is so much nicer to stitch on than the cotton duck canvas. It costs almost ten times as much, but I think it is worth it.


  1. Always glad to see posts about this project, Heather. x

  2. Ooh, scary beaver! Very cool tail. Your work deserves the best materials, Heather. Happy stitching!

  3. such beautiful rendering of line and texture

  4. a very ferocious beaver. enjoy stitching on the linen.

  5. yes, ducks would be hard to stitch on..with all that quacking going on....

    ok. i will stop. but, i actually wanted to comment about taking a picture of the beaver and trying different 'filters' on your choice of photo programs. you might be able to get the lines to stand out more???


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