A Great Site to Visit

In case you're looking for the perfect site to browse on a Sunday afternoon, check out Maharam.  Maharam is a New York based-design company that started off doing textile design for theatres and now does many more interesting things. They still produce some amazing fabrics for the interior design trade, including some classic patterns from the last century. (Click on the images to see them in more detail.)
This design is by Josef Hoffman of the Weiner Werkstatte, 1913
Alexander Girard's Names 1957
Charles and Ray Eames design, Circles, 1947
I Morosi alla Finestra, 1930 by architect Gio Ponti
 There are some very unusual patterns from contemporary artists such as Ai Weiwei as well.
Ai Weiwei's Finger, 2010
And some that are from uncredited designers, but full of charm and personality nonetheless.
The Story of My Life, no designer credit given
I especially liked the very creative and weaverly designs of Dutch artist Hella Jongerius.
Colourwheels by Hella Jongerius
I'm showing you some of the more surprising designs, but most of the collection is comprised of subtle and sophisticated textures and patterns, often woven with novel fibres. Maharam is committed to environmentally responsible production and business practises.

There is also a wallpaper department, with incredibly varied and unusual images for the wall, many created by contemporary artists. The one below is by Phoebe Washburn.

Wood Wall as Safari Vest, Phoebe Washburn
Maharam also designs print publications, and produces small goods such as bags and pillows.
Small Dot, by Charles and Ray Eames, 1947

Cutwork design by Hella Jongerius
But the section that I enjoyed the most, and it is packed with interesting articles, is the Stories section.
I was fascinated to read about Anni Albers' Hardware jewelry designs; the vivid embroideries of Elisabeth Tomlin, Holocaust survivor, designer and art therapist; and the Suffragette Colours of the women who fought for the right to vote.