Garden Fairy

Good grief, the levels I will sink to in an effort to amuse myself! Since my right hand isn't good for much- still recovering from the tendonitis - I find myself casting around randomly for things to do. I figured the entrance to the little stump house needed something, and so off I went to the thrift store to see what kind of garden ornament I could find. I was hoping for something a little more organic looking, but the slightly battered, lute-playing lady caught my eye.
She needed some fairy wings though, so I made a pair from some picture hanging wire and a scrap of silk. First, I shaped the wire, then tacked it onto the silk. Then I trimmed the silk to about a quarter of an inch from the wire, and used a thin line of Tacky Glue to hold the silk in place after wrapping it over the wire. It was fairly crude looking after it dried, so I whipped some pink embroidery floss around the edge of the wire to pretty it up. Then I just tied the wings in place.

I'm sure she will be quite decrepit by the end of summer, but for now she looks happy and peaceful in the doorway of her little stump palace.

Let's all hope my hand is better soon.


  1. I SO hope your hand is better soon. Obviously you're having a tough time resting it! So hard to keep from going completely squirrely, isn't it? (Absolutely been there, done that. More than once.)

  2. sending get well soon vibes through the ether for your hurt tendons, acupuncture can do wonders if you have a good needle worker on your island

  3. Anonymous3:17 PM

    maybe your fairy will bring you healing vibes. she looks like she might fly away.


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