Fie on Housework

Sorry to disappoint those of you who were looking forward to some pictures from the amulet workshop. I thought I was so well-organized! I put together four baskets of supplies, books and handouts and then I forgot to bring my camera. People did some beautiful work, too. It was a great afternoon - twelve people working with quiet concentration, thinking deeply about what they were making.

I did make a bunch more samples that I will photograph in lieu of workshop pics. But I'll beg off until tomorrow. I have a bad attack of tendonitis in my wrist and need to put off computer stuff for a bit. How did I hurt myself? By giving the kitchen a good spring cleaning! With all the pumping of spray bottles of oven cleaner, Windex and Mr Clean, I did my wrist in.


  1. I always knew housework was not good for ones soul now I can add body

  2. Rest the wrist, but don't let it rust ;) Me, it's my thumbs!

  3. Ooh. Tendinitis is nasty! (Ask me how I know.) You need your wrist for better things - like stitching. Take care, be good and rest it! Ice, splint if you need it. Let somebody else take care of the housework for awhile.

  4. look forward to seeing your amulet samples and hope those good hands of yours feel better very soon ! Do you remember seeing Ringo Starr in that old 60's film "The Magic Christian" doing his isometric exercises "tiny face, silent scream"? I open my hands and stretch them as wide as I can along with my mouth, eyes, neck, legs and arms and then squeeze them in to make them as small as I can along with everything else, it helps !

  5. Anonymous10:13 AM

    oh no, take care of the wrist - housework, yikes! not worth an injury. go sit in the sun and admire the forest, lots of doggie walks and catch up on your reading.

  6. Anonymous4:02 AM

    How a box of "shipu"? They are medicated bandages that stick to the area that aches. Extremely good for muscle pains of all kinds and I suspect, tendonitis. There are two kinds. One kinds feels cool. The other kind feels warm. Mostly they contain things like camphor or menthol oils. Everybody in Japan uses them. Wanna try? Jean-Pierre


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