Borders and Boundaries

 Last look at the mat, I promise. You might notice I have added a braided border. Overall I am very pleased, both with the result and my perseverance in sticking with a frustrating task.
Notice the wonky join of the strips. I was sailing along, thinking "This isn't so hard", and then I hit the butt join. Somehow I got myself into a Mobius strip situation and I couldn't make it join perfectly, even with the helpful instructions of a book on braided borders. I worked on it last night til 10:30 and decided to pack it in, hoping the clear light of morning would reveal my mistake. Didn't quite happen that way, but I was able to fudge it enough so not too many people would notice.

But going through that process helped me to realize that doing projects like this, where I have to learn a new skill, are very useful in tackling bigger, more serious pieces like the Codex Canadensis. Working in a medium I am unfamiliar with keeps my brain limber, and trains my ability to be patient and persevere. I think it saves me from getting into a rut, and refreshes my creative energy so that when I return to my "real" art I can look at it with new eyes. A few of my friends tell me I shouldn't waste my time on outside projects, but I realize why they are important in the grand scheme of things. The fact that they are fun is just a side benefit!


  1. Very nice job on the braided border. Honestly, I don't see the join that you are talking about. I have not been brave enough to attempt this braiding yet, although I see plenty of it at my occasional rug hooking events.

  2. Oh please! Of course you should "waste your time" doing anything at all that makes you happy! Call it a palate cleanser piece. Or just something practical and fun. I love your hooked mat - now with braided borders! Who cares if it's "real art" or not?

  3. My daughter who studies psychology encourages me to keep learning something new as often as I can since this helps keeping Alzheimer away. So know you also have a scientific 'excuse'!

  4. Anonymous9:42 AM

    I second Louisa 100%.

  5. love how the border holds the sense of playfulness


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