Tongues and Tails

Tongues and Tails, 2015 Hand embroidery on linen, 52"(w) x 31"(h)
C'est complete. Signed and stretched. Except now I think it needs a wide, deep frame. This is the first piece I've done that goes right to the edge and it feels a little float-y to me. It's more imposing than it looks on the screen. But I will live with it for a while and see.

A few stats:
  • Time: 275 hours
  • DMC Perle Cotton #5, shade 935: 17 skeins
  • Paternayan Wool Yarn, shade  460: 12 skeins (3 strand yarn split and used as singles)
  • Value: priceless (but negotiable)
If you commented last week when I announced that it was finished, (thank you so much!) don't feel that you need to comment again. I just thought you might like to see the whole thing. The big moment was when I took the last stitch in the image, but it still needed to be blocked and stretched. I guess there's several stages of being finished.


  1. I just took a small journey through your Codex Canadensis links, back to the beginning. Fascinating.

  2. Ya did iT! Finishing to me too means all the stitch, not the final "adjustments" and closing the back ;) And i had no idea of the actual size--seeing the measurements and then kind of putting that "on the wall" made me realize how big it actually is!

  3. Oh. My. You are amazing, Heather! I am in awe.

  4. Heather, I do need to comment again love all the stats re the size, amount of thread, the time involved thank you and please photograph it when it is in the deep frame, hopefully not behind glass!

  5. I held off commenting before, because you said there would be another photo. Congratulations Heather! Large embroideries are very powerful - this is a true masterpiece.

    I want to see all of them in one gallery.

  6. Anonymous10:09 AM

    oh, my! I can almost see all those critters doing a dance. very impressive.

  7. Very nice. Very intricate!


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