And Over in the Hooker's Corner...

Valentine's Day is coming, and Elizabeth May, leader of Canada's Green Party will be speaking on Gabriola the evening before. I'm a big fan of Elizabeth and made this little mug rug to give her as a Valentine - hence the green heart. It is made of recycled materials, of course, and as Elizabeth is a Cape Bretoner, I figured she would appreciate a hooked mat. It took no time at all to hook up and finish - in fact I did most of it while attending a talk presented by our local Ecumenical Society on the wonderful community of L'Arche.
The colours are a bit better here, I think
I have been slogging away on a full sized mat for a while, usually only working on it for a couple of hours each Sunday when the hooking group gets together. It's finally starting to look like something. Intended as a welcome mat (we live in a geodesic dome), it might actually feel too special to wipe my feet on by the time I'm done. But it will work as a wall hanging too.
Although it looks like Mischa has put a claim on it. "It's just my size!" she says in her squeaky little dog voice. ( I confess, I am one of those people who puts words in their pet's mouths. It's amazing the conversations that we can carry on.)


  1. Very sweet! I always think I want to get back to hooking too but other things keep me too occupied. It's fun though!

  2. Anonymous11:32 AM

    nothing can beat a good hooking party. Gracie's nose will be out of joint if she doesn't have a rug too.

  3. It sounds like you hook rugs at about the same rate as I do! I put one of my pretty rugs by the back door--a door I seldom use!


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