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One of my readers (bless each and every one of you!), Carol P., sent me this lovely picture of the amulet she started making before seeing my most recent post. Here's what she said about it:
I've been working on an amulet bag since last week.  Even though I am not quite finished with it ( I am still crocheting the strap) I decided to send a picture anyway.   I am the recipient of this amulet.  It is designed to be worn as a necklace.   It is made from scraps of cotton fabric dyed with plants gathered from the fields surrounding my home.  I used crochet cotton dyed from locally gathered walnuts. I picked up the  peachy-pink stone used for the closure on one of my daily walks.  It is sewn closed and I'm not telling what is inside!! --  to divulge that information may dilute the energy I am trying to create!  I never begin with a plan, they just sort of evolve on their own.
I really like the earthy quality of the amulet, and  the chain stitch spiral, and the pretty stone closure - everything about it actually. And Carol has got it right - making amulets is about working with energy - there are no right or wrong instructions to follow, just let your intention (and intuition) be your guide!

 You can see more of Carol's beautiful handwork on her Flickr page


  1. My fingers are itching with inspiration ... thank you both for sharing

  2. Thank you Heather for your very kind words! I can't wait to see what others create.

  3. beautiful amulet and your well wrought words make me laugh!


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