Progress Report

 Six complete critters, three partials, and a whole lotta foliage to go. Dimensions about 54" wide and 36" high, stitched in Paternayan crewel wool for the critters and DMC #5 Perle Coton for the foliage. I started on November 18th, so that is approximately 150 hours of stitching to date.
I take my work seriously.


  1. Thank you for updating us on the progress of this important work.

    I encourage you.
    Keep on.

  2. Whoa. The Codex looks amazing.

  3. I agree, looking extraordinary!

  4. the scale of your stitched codex blows me away!

  5. I am so happy that you take your work seriously, and that you share it with us. I love it.

  6. Heather! The piece is so beautiful! I have been scrolling through your posts getting inspiration for making curtains for my house, a thick mattress mat/quilt for my bed, and ooggling over your ever ephemeral life....and then here is the beautiful picture of you in the flesh! Love Love Love you Girl!


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