Precious Thing

It's pretty rare for me to covet a piece of jewelry. But this gold cast fabric cuff by Alabama Chanin has me thinking dark thoughts. If you look closely, you can see that the precious metal is sewn through with real thread.

I know many of you are already fans of the the brilliant Natalie Chanin. I like her commitment to keeping the whole chain of production local to her community, her use of organic cotton and of course her beautiful, flattering designs. I like the way she shares her patterns and techniques so anyone can make their own "Alabama Chanin". And I also like the way she reduces waste by finding clever uses for her scraps and off cuts. She is no doubt a smart businesswoman, but she gives the impression, at least, of being one with vision and integrity.


  1. jean sent me over after not looking here in a long time. i love this. i don't usually have this sort of's a cool piece.


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