Now Here's a Change of Pace

And about time, too! I have pretty much stopped spinning, as I have a cedar chest full of handspun yarn, and nobody who needs sweaters, or shawls, or afghans. But my sweet sister Laura gave me a package of very intriguing rolags for Christmas.
Laura lives in Kingston, Ontario, known among other things as the "Limestone City". Appropriately enough, this fibre by Project Fleece is in the colourway "Limestone". It is a mix of grey and white merino/alpaca, BFL dyed locks, banana fibre and shreds of spun wool.
I spun it up in a loosely supported long draw. Pretty nifty, huh? Not sure if I should navajo ply it to keep the colour gradations or just barberpole it. And I don't know what I will do with the finished yarn either - probably a scarf for my sister. But it definitely made for a fun evening.

Laura bought the fibre from Purlin'J's Roving Yarn Company - a little yarn shop in a converted van that travels from town to town. Delightful!

I decided to just do it as a 2 ply, since the colour gradations weren't that long. I quite like the result, and it is super soft.


  1. ooh, I have been thinking about spinning for a couple of weeks! Time to dust off the spinning wheel!

  2. Very pretty! Those are the tight little rolags made on a blending board, the latest popular piece of equipment for spinners. I can't suggest whether to chain-ply or not - depends on how it looks either way!


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