Warning: Major Stitching Ahead

Well, there's the stack of linen pajama pants on the table, with a bit of the bunting in the background. The fair was well attended, and I did sell a few pairs, as well as get a lot of valuable feedback on what women are looking for in the perfect p.j.'s. Since it was such a cold day, I probably would have had greater success with flannel and darker colours, but lots of people thought it was a great idea and were maybe inspired to go home and dig out their own stash of linen tablecloths. Many people liked the bunting too, but I only had one bite.

That's all okay, and I wasn't expecting more than that. It was nice to share a table with my friend and hang out in the village with all the bustle of voting day. But, as you, dear readers, are my witnesses - I'll not be doing it again.

The thing is, I really like making stuff. As long as I am stitching or baking or stirring or however creating, I am happy. But I have been doing that most of my life, and do believe that I would be a whole lot farther ahead if I just focused on the art. Sure, I can have a hobby or two to fill in the odd gaps of the day, but the Codex Canadensis work has real meaning and depth and deserves to have priority.

So I'm posting the "Caution" signs and giving fair warning that there may be some moments of tedium and a lot of sepia coloured thread in the days ahead. Hope you will hang in for the duration!


  1. Absolutely. I gave up on fairs and little bits a couple of years ago---it takes more time in a sense to do these than to make art

  2. Never done a fair or market but I imagine its a huge outlay of energy!

    Looking forward to some stitching from you

  3. Anonymous12:55 PM

    so much time and energy goes into making those little things - I still do it and probably will forever but the only event I participate in is the studio tour twice a year. it works well for me in my location.

  4. the Codex Canadiensis may well be your Masters Work for this lifetime Heather, diversions are fine & fun but the whole set needs to be seen on the white walls of some major museum, the Ottawa National Gallery would be a fitting spot!


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