Pajamas Everywhere

Somehow I got caught off guard and agreed to share a table at the Commons Christmas Craft Sale. It's happening tomorrow. A week ago, I started making stuff for it. Since I had oodles of vintage luncheon-sized cloth napkins, I folded them, trimmed them with lace and rickrack, and made several strings of bunting. I forgot to take a picture, but they are very charming.
I also dove into the tote that contains dozens of white linen damask tablecloths, and began transforming the material into pajamas. Having discovered this past summer that linen is the perfect fabric for sleepwear, I wanted to share the joy. In the promo picture above, I am sharing not just the comfort and joy of linen p.j.'s, but also a much needed glass of wine. (Well, alright, it is just apple juice in the pictures, in case we spilled, but believe you me, the wine came later.) The lovely young lady on the left is Vicky, my very good humoured assistant.
The vintage damask is subtle, smooth and soft on the skin. It also is very absorbent and quick to dry. Best of all, it looks good rumpled. Ironing is totally an option.
I added a rear pocket to the basic pattern, since you never know when you might need to stash a Kleenex or your house key. (I have been known to walk the dogs in my pajamas. The neighbours are used to it by now.) I embellished each pocket with a piece of vintage handkerchief, the kind that are so dainty you would never dream of using one to blow your nose.

The pajamas are $30 a pair for the pants, and I am offering to custom make a linen tank, tee or classic pajama top to match in case anyone is interested. If they don't sell at the Craft Sale, I guess my Christmas gift list is taken care of!


  1. Wow! You both look great! Those PJs are fantastic. In fact I am positively lusting!

    And what a superbly clever idea.

  2. oh gorgeous idea!!!!! love the little trim detail as well. i too walk Nessie in the pj's, though oft mine are used a long johns in winter!

  3. love the ideas you are brimming with in regard to vintage damask


  4. Anonymous11:17 AM

    great idea, love the picture. have fun at the sale.


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