It is the custom on the island to use driftwood or stone for one's street sign. We had a funny little flag but with the studio tour this coming weekend we needed a little more street presence, so I whipped up this arrangement. I found this lovely chunk of driftwood a while back and was hoping to use it in the garden, but this shows it off better. I love building with stone - too bad I can only move a few before my wrists complain!

The Chinese coin and plastic frog complete it nicely, I think. They were scavenged from elsewhere on the property. We get a lot of visits from tree frogs since there is a pond/swamp across the road, and the owner of the dome had placed a number of frog lawn ornaments around the yard to make them feel welcome.


  1. ooo love that giant chinese coin--so you *do* have cash ;)

  2. Apparently the characters mean "New beginning, circulation of wealth."

  3. Anonymous6:33 PM

    The frog is a good omen. In Japanese it is called "kaeru" and there is a homonym verb, exact same pronunciation, that means "to return home". I hope your frog sees that you always return home safely.


  4. Anonymous8:24 AM

    good luck with the studio tour - hope the weather co-operates. love the Ms. fix-it look.

  5. it's fantastic!


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