Look What Tea and Cake Can Lead To!

 You know you've had a hooker over for tea when the orts on the plate aren't all of the edible variety.
Wee snippets of wool.
 And I guess hosting a lively group of textile enthusiasts in the afternoon inspired me for later in the evening. It doesn't look like I have done anything but fancy napkin folding, but I was working on some ideas for a winter white quilt made entirely of vintage linens. I had twelve napkins, so I tried this first:
Then I folded eight of them a different way, and came up with this octagon, which I think could work as a centre for an eight-pointed star. But as you can see from the jumble on my table, I need more space!
It really doesn't look like anything at this point. But I think it has potential, especially if I stitch a layer of cream silk to the inside of each triangle so the lace gets shown off to advantage.


  1. You mean you're not going to use them for...napkins?

    I love that word "orts". So descriptive.

  2. It does look something to me! Beautiful and elegant and full of potential. I do hope you go ahead, I really want to see the result.

    'Orts' new word for me!

  3. Louisa, I will never have 12 guests over for dinner - probably not even four! No need for fancy napkins, although I'm sure you are being tongue in cheek suggesting I use them. I do have some lovely, colourful handwoven napkins that I use regularly, but who is up for the washing, bleaching and ironing of linens these days? : )


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