Bare Bones

Here's the picture I like. The antler just happened to catch my eye, sitting there calmly on the mantel, as I was trying to document another piece before I took it in to the gallery.

And here's the super-crap image of the piece I made yesterday, in a mad rush to make the deadline for the Dia de los Muertos show at Artworks. I had been working on a completely different idea, but it wasn't happening, so at the last minute I reverted to one of my favourite techniques, the paper cut. The mirrored design is created by cutting a piece of folded paper* with an X-Acto knife, all in one piece. I mounted it on a piece of hand marbled cloth that I made quite a while ago, and then bordered it with rick rack (yay!) and some lovely matte black Japanese wool.

I kinda like its lurid quality, but I must stop doing stuff by the seat of my pants.

(*Technical note: I used heavy Canson Mi-Tientes paper - it was a PITA to cut)


  1. Anonymous9:59 AM

    fun piece - the rick rack is a great final touch.


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