Oh right, yeah, I have a blog. Which means posting now and then, doesn't it? Oops.

Not that I actually forgot. More like I went away and when I came back I had so much to say and was so confused about how to say it I went into avoidance mode.

But things are calmer now and it is at last starting to rain (Oh please, may the heavens open!) We have been on Aussie rules for way too long, especially since Gabriola is supposedly in a temperate rain forest. I look forward to no longer having to schlep buckets of dishwater to the garden, or bathing in a teacup.

Just in case any of you are still out there, here's where I am with the various projects:

"The kingdom of heaven is within you" piece is rounding the final turn and should be finished before week's end.

The cover for the dog's special antique stool that they use to jump up onto the bed (I am just a humble servant, none of this master business) that I am hooking has six squares to go and then I can proceed to the upholstery. (Oh, darn it, I keep forgetting about those triangles on the outer edge. Well, they'll be fast. Right?)

The preparations for the Thanksgiving Studio Tour are ongoing and consist mostly of James and me sitting on the couch in the middle of a big mess with our heads in our hands, trying to figure out a plan. James is slightly more organised than me, he has a laptop in front of him. That's gotta be at least a step closer to actually creating a plan.

There was frost in my garden on September 12 so I harvested all my tomatoes and made sauce, chutney, and green tomato mincemeat, depending on the state of ripeness. There is still a box of greenish tomatoes in a box under the table that I hope will turn red before the fruit flies get them. Sorry, no pictures, but email me and I'll send you a recipe.

I have the tote out to store my summer clothes. The clothes are still on their hangers, but at least it's a start. I don't think I got them put away before November last year.

I won't bore you with the details, but the upside of going through all kinds of neurotic angst is that I have decided that I need to revamp the blog. Not sure how just yet, but change is gonna come. Some day. Soon.


  1. yoicks, frost there already? or rather, FROST *there*????? my tomatoes are all picked and lounging in trays too :)

    The season is a'changin', and that means changes everywhere' id say: blogs and thoughts and plans

  2. Frost? Wow, that is a little early!

    I am in awe of your immaculate stitching, Heather

  3. Anonymous3:34 AM

    My world is feeling a lot like yours--confused, chaotic, full! Your projects look wonderful and SO close to being finished--good luck!

  4. revamping a blog can be a Big job.

  5. your stitching is so very fine !

  6. Agreed...your stitching is fantastic! Frost....phew, gladly none here in Engerland just yet, though it can't be far away. Summer clothes put away? I've heard of this; 'seasonal clothes'. I layer up, and put jumpers/cardi's on top of 'summer tops'. Though I do have a couple of tops that are so very thin, I even have to wear cardi's with them in summer! And I have some tops that are just too warm to wear in summer...unless it's a v cold day. Good luck with all your seasonal changes Heather. x


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