Human Pincushion

Well, the gentleman pictured above has taken it a bit farther, but I am on my way. This morning I woke up with the feeling that something was poking me under my arm. I sat up and the feeling stopped, but James had a look and exclaimed "Oh my god, Heather!" There was a rather large sewing needle stuck into the sleeve of my pajamas. Aha! I remembered the night before having taken the needle into the bathroom to poke at a sliver, and sticking the needle into the front of my pajama top so that I could, conscientiously and efficiently, return it to the pincushion on my way up the stairs to bed. Of course, in the ten steps between the bathroom and the stairs, I completely forgot about it, and somehow during the course of the night it migrated over to my sleeve.

James was horrified. "It could have stuck you in the eye!"

Hmmph. Typical non-stitcher's reaction! Maybe I was sewing in my dreams....


  1. Anonymous8:25 AM

    don't like that picture. I'm sure the stitchers amoung us have all done a similar thing at one time or another but it does seem a little dangerous!


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