And the Winning Colour Is....

I went with the icy blue. The colour I did my sample with was discontinued, though, and even the expert eye of the lady at Stitcher's Muse couldn't come up with the perfect match - in the skein. So what I am doing is mixing the strands of thread, which on their own do look like a perfect match, and when blended together look pretty darn perfect too. Tricks of the light maybe? Anyways, I have begun, and I am liking it, I think.

I'm doing my usual manoeuvre of working the letters at random, so there is no obvious change of quality from beginning to end. When working this slowly, even a change in the weather can make the thread behave slightly differently - I don't know that anyone would ever notice, but in any case, I don't want to chance it.

Speaking of weather, we did have a very welcome day of rain, and it's now back to clear blue skies, sun and comfortably cool temperatures. I do love September!


  1. icy blue....looks wonderful. and what a great idea of scattering the work around. i do [too?] tend to do satin stitch differently from one end to another.

  2. good tip--i can tell on certain pieces though when i was stressed, tired or under a deadline by the size of the stitches!

  3. Anonymous11:08 AM

    love the colour choice. Your experience makes such a difference to the overall effect.


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